Personal Insurance

Dempsey Insurance Agency takes the time to help you identify the best personal insurance coverage that best fits you and your wallet. We want to be certain that your insurance product truly protects you. Located in Haverhill, MA, Dempsey Insurance Agency is an independent insurance provider devoted toward getting you the insurance coverage you should have. Our Haverhill insurance is sure to provide you with the service you need at a highly affordable price.

Whether you need to protect your automobile, home, or if you want an insurance policy for the personal effects inside your apartment, or need a wide-ranging umbrella insurance plan for peace of mind, Dempsey Insurance Agency agents will provide outstanding assistance to get you the insurance plan that fits your needs. We pride ourselves on finding you the best coverage for the right price that fits your budget.

The Brian S. Dempsey Insurance Agency is a trusted name in the Greater Haverhill Area. Since 1997, the Brian S. Dempsey Insurance Agency has grown by providing personal and professional attention to each and every client. Brian is well-known in the Greater Haverhill area and throughout the state for his incredible insurance options.